Veneers are restorations of only the front of the tooth with tooth-colored material. Helps correct various abnormalities of teeth such as dark teeth, deformed teeth, short teeth, and the shape of teeth that are too large or too small. Veneers are therefore a popular choice because they involve less tooth loss and provide beautiful results.

Materials used to make veneers

The materials used to make veneers must have the ability to adhere well to the tooth. Currently, there are 2 types:

  1. Composite Veneer is a material that we use to fill tooth-colored teeth.
  2. Ceramic Veneer has a shine similar to real teeth. You can choose from many levels of whiteness. Its lifespan is 5 – 20 years.

Care after veneer treatment

Caring for veneers is exactly the same as natural teeth: brush your teeth thoroughly and properly, use floss, and floss regularly at least twice a day, morning and before bed. Don’t bite or chew anything too hard to avoid breaking your teeth. Colored foods such as tea, coffee, or wine can be eaten, but teeth should be cleaned after eating like natural teeth. Oral health check every 6 months

Office bleaching

Teeth whitening Cool light LED is an innovation that helps in treating people with yellow teeth to become naturally white. The teeth whitening process uses a bleaching solution. And uses an LED light system to stimulate the dissolution of the whitening solution. See different results immediately after teeth whitening.

Things to avoid after teeth whitening

– Avoid eating foods or drinks that cause stains, such as tea and coffee, and refrain from smoking for at least one week.

– Clean with dental floss at least twice a day, morning and evening.

– Check your oral health every 6 months.

Home bleaching

At-home teeth whitening is another option for patients who want to make their teeth whiter and suitable for those who don’t have time to come to the clinic. The doctor will give you a teeth whitening kit to do at home, which will include whitening trays and whitening solution. How to do it is not complicated. The doctor will teach you how to use it in detail and make an appointment to come back to check again.

Advantages of teeth whitening at home

  1. Convenient, can do it yourself at home
  2. There is less chance of tooth sensitivity because the concentration of the solution is less.
  3. Highly secure
  4. Easy to carry, can be taken with you to other places.
  5. Can repeat bleaching by yourself when teeth turn yellow

Filling the gap

Space closing is closing the space between teeth (Space closing) by using composite resin filling material to close the gaps between the teeth in order to decorate the teeth to make them close together. It is commonly done on the front teeth for beauty.

Advantages of filling gaps between teeth

  1. It’s a simple solution with quick results.
  2. It is inexpensive and much more economical than braces.
  3. Easy to maintain, dental filling materials have a relatively long lifespan.
  4. Treatment time is short, takes no more than 1 hour.
  5. Tooth-colored filling materials create a natural, blended appearance.