Nat Dentalclinic Comprehensive dental center


Nat Dentalclinic

Nat Dentalclinic Established in April 2002
By Dentist Natthawadee Kittikhun and after that in July 2007
The location has been moved to the current Sukhumvit Road branch to accommodate the increasing number of patients and to
Convenience for service recipients

– 2010 opened the Don Hua Lo branch.
– 2014 opened Soi Sathit Kaset Thonglang branch.
– 2018, opened Phraya Sajja Road branch.

Opening more branches so that patients can receive convenient services covering many areas of Chonburi Province.

Why do you need clear braces at Nat Dental Clinic?


Spacious location, easy to travel.


We have the Scan Itero Element 5D machine to help inspect and evaluate treatment accurately.


Dental clinic is clean, safe, and has standards.


A team ready to take care of you professionally

Dental services


Other general dentistry

Dental examination every 6 months and health care
general oral cavity To prevent health problems
Various mouths in the future

• Dental examination
• X-ray,Scan Itero 5D
• Scaling away tartar and polishing teeth with Airflow.
• Dental fillings
• Dentistry for children


Dental implants

Dental implants is the replacement of permanent teeth Fixed type that is closest to natural teeth Efficiency in chewing and beauty It’s natural.

• Dental implants Asia : Korea Top10
• Dental implants Europe : German Top10
• Bone grafting
• Grow tissue



Orthodontics to correct the alignment of teeth such as protruding teeth, spaced teeth, crooked teeth, and fallen teeth that affect both beauty and chewing efficiency. It is also difficult to clean. Easy to cause tooth decay and subsequent gum disease Conventional Braces

• Orthodontics Conventional Bracket
• Damon Orthodontics
• Damon clear orthodontics
• Invisalign orthodontics
• Vivera clear retainer
• Retainer


Cosmetic dentistry

Fix bugs. Increase confidence Get treatment by an expert dentist who will design the smile you want.

• Veneers
• Teeth whitening Office bleaching
• Teeth whitening Home bleaching
• Fills and closes the gaps between teeth.


Prosthetic dentistry dentures

How to replace lost teeth. The type that can be removed and fixed is a popular method. And our clinic is treated by expert dentists.

• Crowns
• Dental bridge
• Full mouth restoration.
• Inlay-Onlay


Oral surgery

Is surgical work within the mouth and jaw, such as tooth extraction, wisdom tooth surgery, oral cyst surgery. Bone enhancement to support the implant by a specialized dentist.

• Tooth extraction
• Wisdom teeth
• Bone decoration
• Sinus lift



Treatment of teeth that have decayed through the tooth nerve cavity until the tooth dies. that often have symptoms of toothache, severe tooth sensitivity, pus, and infection in order to preserve permanent teeth for use.

• Root canal treatment
• Making a dental abutment for treatment.
• Make a dental crown for treatment.


Dentistry, gum disease, periodontitis

Gingivitis There are often symptoms of swollen gums, receding gums, loose teeth, tooth sensitivity, and bleeding gums.

• Root canal scaling
• Periodontal surgery
• Scrape away tartar.